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Craving for A Delicious Acai Bowl In Dubai? ARYAD CAFÉ Is Where You Need To Be!

Originating from Brazil, Acai is a superfood tropical berry packed full of vitamins and amazing health benefits. If anything, the berry is typically presented in the form of a beautifully decorated breakfast meal known as the Acai bowl.


At ARYAD CAFÉ, we’ve sourced the berry for our esteemed customers and have gained an outstanding reputation with time as a breathtaking and picturesque Acai bowl cafe.

Try Our Delicious Acai Bowl Dubai Right Now

The name “ARYAD” encompasses a story That start from the glory of the mountain peaks. As inspired by our name and inspiration, Aryad push us to go the extra mile to win the hearts of our customers and deliver a satisfying and fulfilling experience upon each visit.

Since our inception, we have become the Acai bowl cafe of choice for our customers across Jumeirah, Dubai. With a taste similar to ice cream and the consistency of a smoothie, an acai bowl dubai is just what you need to curb those sweet cravings. Not only that, our menu offers a range of toppings to enhance the magical taste and consistency of the berry. To add to your experience, the serene environment and picturesque interiors are sure to make you want to visit us again and again.

Visit Us Today!

So whether you are a fitness lover conscious about how you fuel your body first thing in the morning, or just someone looking to try out something new, visit our café to get your hands on a bowl of Acai goodness right now. For directions, or for any other queries that you may have, feel free to give us a call at 04299946. You can also email us at, and we will reply back as soon as possible.

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